Thursday, 25 June 2009

Blind Theatre at Samtidsfestival 09

This weeks V. Bökelmann worsk on BLIND THEATRE together with Ståle Stenslie, Kate Pendry, Edy Poppy and the programer
Jonas Halfdan Jongejan (amongst others). In the multi sensory play the audience enters a dark space listening to the sound recordings of texts experiencing the play physically: they wear body suits with small vibrators. Sensational perceptions are being programed.
BLIND THEATER will premier at Samtidsfestival at the National Theatre in Oslo at August 31st 2009.

Monday, 1 June 2009


From May 24th - June 3rd Veronika Bökelmann stays at the artist residency PAF (Performing Art Forum) in St. Erme, France.

Veronika works on the text-production for the perceptual theatre play BLIND THEATRE 
- Det blinde teater - 5 manifest for de nedre sanser.
In collaboration with: Ståle Stenslie, Kate Pendry, Edy Poppy amongst others.

Planned premier: 31st of August 2009
Place: Samitdsfestival Oslo, Festival of Contemporary Theatre
National Theatre, Oslo, Norway